I have questions about clarafuse

1. What are clarafuse dermapads made of?

Dermaclara clarafuse dermapads are made of 100% medical grade silicone.

2. How many sizes do clarafuse dermapads come in?

Five clarafuse dermapads are included in the Face packet – one for the forehead, and four multi-area dermapads for the areas around the eyes and mouth. The Chest packet comes with one clarafuse dermapad for the chest. Note: these are the recommended areas of use, but clarafuse dermapads can be used on almost any direct skin surface.

3. Why are clarafuse dermapads so sticky?

Clarafuse dermapads can be super sticky – that’s what helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. If you are having trouble handling them, simply rinse them with water after removal and let them air dry, sticky side up.

4. How do I clean my clarafuse dermapads?

Clarafuse dermapads should be cleaned 1-2 times a week to prevent skin cell buildup that may interfere with adhesion. After washing, allow dermapads to air dry face up on the provided trays until the next use. DO NOT dry clarafuse dermapads with paper or towels as lint and dust may affect adhesion.

5. Are there any side effects from using clarafuse dermapads?

Our clarafuse dermapads are clinically proven not to cause any allergic reactions. The only side effect we have seen is wrinkle reduction!